We see the parents as a great partner to raise the children together. An open flow of communication between the school and parents is very important for the growth of your child. There is a lot of important information communicated via email and the newsletter therefore, it is very important that you read them and raise any questions you might have. Please try to keep the teachers up to date on how your child is doing at home via his or her journal. If a teacher or member of staff raises an issue, big or small, about your child, it is important that you listen to their concerns and in particular their suggestions. They always have your child’s best interest at heart and want to work with you to ensure your child is happy and healthy.


Journal Notebook

In the preschool program children, the teachers write to parents about how each child did in school that day via the journal. Parents also keep the teachers updated on how each child is doing at home by writing back to the teachers in their child's journal. It is a good way to let the Aozora Gakuen staff know of any changes in family life or home environment. Children are extremely sensitive to change. “Her father is out of town on business for the next three days,” or “we have relatives visiting from tomorrow” – even minor things like that can create a noticeable impact on children. If the teachers are kept abreast of any changes to family life, they are better able to support and care for each child if they seem to be acting a little differently at school. 


Parents and Teacher Conference

We hold parent teacher conferences twice a year for the preschool program children. One is in December and the other in May. The school is closed to children in the class that day. The purpose of the meeting is for the teachers to give you a report on your child’s behavior, growth, and development, as well as for you to tell us about how your child is doing at home and any concerns you may have.