Aozora Family:

We see the parents as great partners that we raise the children together with. In many regards we are like a large extended family of amazing, caring and supportive people. Almost all of our families are racially mixed and/or multicultural. Almost half of the family members are Japanese-American or Japanese people who have lived in the United States for a long time. Many of our families live in Brooklyn, but some families attend the program from Manhattan or Queens. They are all committed to and supportive of their child's Japanese language and culture education. Many of the children do not speak Japanese when they start at Aozora Gakuen simply because there have not had enough exposure to the language. However, by the time they graduate, most of them have become fluent in both English and Japanese. The majority of the families are dedicated, hard-working and are progressively minded and they often support each other. Aozroa Gakuen is more than a school, it is a diverse community of like-mind families raising their children together. We gather together regularly to celebrate our culture through community events such as New Year Motchtsuki, seasonal events, picnics, parent education classes, monthly movie nights.