Classes for Elementary School Age Children

All of our After School Classes are held in Japanese and open to the children who are not enrolled in our Preschool Program as well. Through the immersive class experiences, your child learns Japanese naturally.


Three Terms:

Fall Term: September – December
Winter Term: January – March
Spring Term: April – June


From 4pm to 6pm

2018-2019 School Year After School Classes (Fall term):






The “Play with Hiragana” class is perfect for those children who are just starting to show an interest in letters or who have already started reading some letters on their own. Children will enjoy learning Hiragana through activities such as singing songs and playing games in this class.

In the “Hiragana / Katakana” Class, children will practice writing letters. They will also learn Katakana and some Kanji in the class. In order to join this class, Students are required to have a good grip of the pencil and be able to recognize a minimum of 30 Hiragana.



I LOVE KANJI / 漢字大好き


日本語の本や文章を読んでいけるようになる為には、漢字の習得は避けては通れません。ただ、アメリカでは普段はほとんど使わないので、子ども達にとって漢字習得はなかなか容易なことではありません。このI LOVE KANJIクラスでは、子ども達が毎週少しずつでも漢字の語彙や言葉を増やしていくことを目的としています。毎週の少しずつの積み重ねや繰り返しが漢字の習得の為には欠かせないと考えます。

Learning kanji is the key for the children who want to read interesting Japanese books and articles. However, it is not easy for them to memorize many Kanji as they do not use them in their daily lives in the U.S. The main goal of the “I LOVE KANJI” class is to provide an opportunity for the children to increase their Kanji vocabulary by even a few kanji per week. We feel that it is important for children to continue to make an effort to practice learning new Kanji words.