After School Program

All of our After School Classes are held in Japanese and open to the children who are not enrolled in our Preschool Program as well. Through the immersive class experiences, your child learns Japanese naturally.


Three Terms:

Fall Term: September – December
Winter Term: January – March
Spring Term: April – June


All classes start at 4:15 pm and end at 5 pm,. So, for non-preschool students, please drop off your child between 4pm and 4:15pm. You can pick up your child anytime between 5 pm and 5:50pm.

After School Program Tuition Fee (2019-2020 School Year):

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2019-2020 School Year After School Classes for preschoolers:

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Show-Do art (calligraphy art) / 書道アート

This beginner calligraphy art class will encourage children to write letters rather than write perfect forms. Students are encouraged to get creative and expressive with their work, and to move between the natural flow of letters and words and pictures. Taisan Tanaka is a self-taught contemporary Japanese artist utilizing the traditional form of 書画(Sho-Ga). He especially loves working with children, whose movements are not restricted by formal training and ideas. All materials such as ink, brushes, paper, etc. will be provided for the students but they will need to wear clothes that can get stained with ink.





Ballet eurhythmics enriches the children’s musicality and expression. By combining the technical form of ballet with the musical understanding techniques of eurhythmics, the children will learn to move with expression while developing the good concentration that is the bases of all performing arts. The students will learn the positions that form the fundamental elements of ballet. They will also learn to move their body with the help of a variety of dance aids, such as balls, hula-hoops, and scarves. As flexibility should to be taught from a young age, this is a great opportunity for the children to increase dexterity and flexibility. It will be a fun class moving and dancing as individuals and together in formation. A ballet outfit and shoes is required for this class.

バレエリトミッククラスは情操教育として非常に効果があり、子供達の豊かな情緒を育みます。姿勢や体の動きの基本となるバレエと、音感や表現力を教えるリトミックを合わせることにより、子ども達の表現力をさらに深いものにし、どんなパフォーマンスに役立つ身体基盤や集中力を養うことができます。バレエの要素を取り入れたステップを学んだり、ボール、フラフープ、スカーフなどの道具を使って体の動きや表現力を学びます。個人個人で踊ってみたり 、クラス全員で一緒に踊ったりと、 楽しいクラスとなっています。



ALL THAT JAZZ / キッズジャズリトミック♪

Eurhythmics is a rhythmic exercise in which the children express what they are feeling freely though playing musical instruments and moving their bodies. In this class, the children truly experience the music, listening to it, understanding it and expressing it. They engage with the music in various multi sensory ways to develop a feeling for the different rhythms and tempos. In addition to the benefits of rhythmic exercise, the children learn the Japanese language through singing traditional and contemporary Japanese children's songs. Moreover, we will play Jazzy Japanese nursery rhymes so the children will learn Japanese words as well.




HIP HOP DANCE / ヒップホップダンス


Hip Hop is a high-energy class where the children will learn fun hip-hop forms, gestures, and techniques. The focus of this class is to build a solid foundation to execute popular dance moves to original choreography. Please make sure your children wear sneakers and clothes they can move in.






The “Play with Hiragana” class is perfect for those children who are just starting to show an interest in letters or who have already started reading some letters on their own. Children will enjoy learning Hiragana through activities such as singing songs and playing games in this class.

In the “Hiragana / Katakana” Class, children will practice writing letters. They will also learn Katakana and some Kanji in the class. In order to join this class, Students are required to have a good grip of the pencil and be able to recognize a minimum of 30 Hiragana.